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Lucie -- Pt. 4

Title: Lucie -- Pt. 4 "The Preparation Period"
Author: Liane a.k.a dark_blu
Rating: PG-13 for mature themes and mild language.

It was Friday, Lucie realized, as her eyes snapped open in bed. One day until her meeting with Elijah Wood. Lucie’s heart pounded furiously within her chest. Afraid that it would escape, Lucie flopped over onto her stomach and squealed in anxiousness, nervousness and delight.
Lucie decided to neglect school today as she would need the time to prepare for the meeting. She still couldn’t believe that it was happening, and happening to her. Lucie glanced at the alarm clock beside her: 7:55 a.m.
“Why do I continue to wake up early when I don’t have to?!” Lucie grumbled. Just then Annie popped her head into her sister’s room.
“’Bye, going to school.” Annie said rather sullenly.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want, I’ll excuse it this time.” Lucie said with a wink. “You can stay here and hang out with me. Maybe help me get ready?” Lucie said in a tone of pleading earnest.
“Really? Wow! Okay, cool! Anything that gets me out of school with those contemptuous idiots is alright by me.” Annie said, bubbling.
Annie was basically a genius in her middle school. With intellect, beauty and wit, no one could compare or even be Annie’s equal, so as a result Annie got extremely bored at school, even with her high school and college prep classes. Knowing this, Lucie smiled proudly, much to the confusion of Annie, who had no idea what she was thinking.
“Okay…”Annie said, drawing out the last syllable, waiting for her sister to say something else. Annie didn’t really know what to do with a day off, she was constantly doing something, but without school today she was left clueless.
“Let’s go to IHOP and eat a huge, fatty breakfast, first off,” Lucie said, smiling mischievously.
Annie’s eyes widened as a grin spread across her heart-shaped face. Lucie was always dieting; she half-wondered what was up with the change of heart, especially since Lucie was going to meet Elijah tomorrow. Annie would think she would already be down to 95 lbs. being the diet-maniac she was. However, Annie was relieved. She thought her sister looked beautiful at 5’2 and 125 pounds, her long dark hair slightly tousled and her infamous green eyes always twinkling with mystery.
“As long as ‘huge, fatty’ breakfast doesn’t mean a quarter of a grape fruit and dry wheat toast,” Annie said, jesting.
“Never!” Lucie screamed, tossing a throw pillow at her sister playfully. “Well, let’s go then!”
Annie stared blankly at Lucie, who was still in her Spiderman boy-short underwear and a red camisole, bountiful curls piled on one side of her head. “Why don’t you take a shower and get ready first, loser,” Annie laughed.
Lucie hopped out of bed and gave herself the once-over in her cracked, ballerina mirror. “Hmm, if you are absolutely certain. I don’t need to brush my teeth too, do I?” Lucie whined jokingly.

While Annie proceeded to the living room to watch television, Lucie stayed in front of the mirror, rearranging her hair in various styles, pulling, clipping, braiding and then finally just messing her coif up with her hands. Lucie looked indignantly into the mirror. “Why won’t it do what I want it to?!” Lucie muttered, clearly frustrated. After glancing in the mirror one more time and scowling at her tresses, Lucie marched into the shower. An hour and a half later Lucie emerged from her room, fully dressed and ready to go.
“Ready?” Lucie quipped, beaming.
“Oh…my…gosh!” Annie squealed at the sight of her sister. “You look completely gorgeous! You better do your hair like that tomorrow…Oh, and your makeup! Where did you get the cash to get those colors? Are these new clothes? Lucie have you been holding out on me, what the hell? Did you borrow Barb’s credit card again—“ Annie was cut off by her sister’s cheeky giggle.
“First off baby sister, don’t swear,” Lucie said with a fake reprimanding tone. “Secondly,” Lucie continued, pulling a large wad of one-hundred dollar bills out of her new Burberry handbag, “The agency providing the date gave this to me. I guess to make myself presentable to Elijah. I guess they think I must really need help, that I am a complete ogre, if they sent me this much cash…” Lucie laughed.
“First off, big sister, don’t call me a baby,” Annie began, pretending to act indignant. “Secondly,” Annie started once more, “Since you are not an ogre or anything close to one, I expect you to be sharing that large sum of money with me when we go to the mall later.” Annie finished with a smug grin and then a wink.
“Well of course, my liege…” Lucie began in a fake trembling accent. With that Lucie gave herself one more look in the mirror, and even surprised herself. “I guess I do clean up kind of nicely…” Lucie said, almost embarrassedly. Lucie’s rich, long, dark hair was curled in large spirals, so that she closely resembled a brunette Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. Her green eyes and long lashes popped with the new high-end makeup Lucie purchased, and she had a healthy, positive glow about her. She raised one manicured fingernail to her glossy pink pout and almost shuddered, thinking about all the money she was actually wearing. Her fingertip moves down to the heart tag necklace from Tiffany’s that she wore. Her eyes scanned her sheer crew neck top to her straight, classy black skirt all the way down to her black, patent leather pumps with the 5 ½ inch heels. Who am I kidding, Lucie thought to herself. This isn’t me. I don’t even deserve this.
Seeing her sister’s eyes fall, Annie hastened to make conversation. “Well Ms. Beautiful, are we going to go, or what? I’m starved!” Annie moaned, clutching her sides and then grinning.
“Oh, err, um, of course!” Lucie said distractedly, pulling out her keys as both of them exited the room and then the house. Lucie stopped when she got onto the porch, turned and looked at the sad house filled with sad memories, and then promised herself after tomorrow to leave it all behind.
Moments later Lucie and Annie were sitting in IHOP, cramming down eggs, sausage, bacon and pancakes. After they were satisfied, Lucie exclaimed, “I feel like a total pig!”
“Me too,” Annie said, belching quite loudly before downing her half-glass of milk. “Well, onwards to the mall! I feel like a total bum sitting next to you in these rags,” Annie said half-jokingly.
Once again they were back in Lucie’s blue Camry and were speeding towards the local mall when Lucie took a left turn.
“Where are we going? The mall’s back THAT way, babe,” Annie said.
“Annie, look at all this money. I am going to spoil you. We’re going some place nicer…” Lucie said, smiling once again her mischievous grin.
“No way!” Annie said, eyes darting wildly. Annie knew where her sister was headed, but couldn’t believe it. They were on their way to one of the most prestigious and expensive malls, containing all the top designers and clothes right off the runway.
The girls arrived, shopped, tried on clothes, shoes, jewelry, laughed, drank cappuccinos and lattes, and four hours later emerged from the mall with bags and bags of merchandize.
“I hope they didn’t want the change,” said Lucie, laughing.
“I am going to look so hot in this,” Annie added, as she pulled a mini skirt from the huge Neiman Marcus bag she was holding.
“Most definitely,” Lucie said, still beaming.
“Thank you so much Luce! You’re the best.”
“I know,” Lucie said slyly with one of her infamous winks.
About two hours later they were home. Lucie began to open the door of their home only to find that the door opened for her, and standing in the doorway, mountainous and fuming, was Rob.
“Where the fuck have you been?” Rob snarled, dragging Annie into the house by her wrist.
“Um, err, uhh…” Annie started, trembling.
“YOU!” Rob growled, pointing accusingly at Lucie. “You can’t take off with her whenever you want! You may be old enough to take care of yourself, but we are still responsible for this one!” Rob pointed, indicated a frightened Annie, now trying to wriggle free from Rob’s bone-crushing hand clamp on her wrist.
“SHUT UP ROB!” Barb called from the living room, clearly annoyed. “I am TRYING to watch Jerry Springer!” Barb growled.
“Speaking of which,” Lucie said aloud, surveying her disgusting family scene. Rob either didn’t hear her or didn’t understand her, because his face remained placid and he didn’t say anything as he loosened the grip on Annie’s wrist.
“I am warning you for the last time, Lucie,” Rob said, straining. “You are not her mother or father. You are not her parent or guardian. You are not responsible for her! WE ARE! So leave her in the goddamned house!” Rob ended, with somewhat of a sad triumphant air.
“I am the closest to a mother or father that she will EVER have,” Lucie said, staring straight into Rob’s beady eyes. “Let GO of her, or we will leave, and never come back…Which means…NO WRITE OFFS FOR YOU!” Lucie ended, booming. Lucie ran the entire household, including bill paying, taxes, chores, everything. Without Lucie the sad family would be considerably lost. Lucie would have threatened that Rob would have lost their love forever, but Rob didn’t care about those things. Rob just cared about money, cigarettes and cheap beer. Angry tears glistening in Lucie’s eyes began pouring out and slopping themselves all over her done-up cheeks.
“Well, well, WELL THEN!” Was all Rob could stammer. If Lucie had looked again, she may have detected a hint of apology in his tone, but she didn’t. Lucie didn’t care about any of them except for Annie.
Lucie clapped Annie’s shoulder and led her upstairs into Lucie’s room.
“It will be okay, Annie,” Assured Lucie, who was crying, even though Annie was not. “It will be okay, I promise. We’ll get out of her soon.” With that Lucie broke into uncontrollable sobs. Annie inanely and awkwardly patted Lucie on the back. Annie didn’t know why Lucie was falling apart, this happened almost weekly if not more often, and Lucie had always stood strong against Rob and Barb. This time the mighty Lucie melted under her own rage.
Mascara was now heavily streaking down Lucie’s cheeks, blending horribly with the currant blush and golden bronzer she was wearing. Annie wiped her eyes with a tissue, took off Lucie’s pumps and laid her in her bed.
“I’m sick of crying all the time, Annie. I wish I was stronger. For me. For you.” Annie said nothing but crawled in beside her sister.
Annie finally spoke. “Don’t worry, not everybody can be strong all the time. Don’t cry. You are about to meet the love of your life tomorrow…you don’t want your eyes to be all puffy…” Annie ended encouragingly.
Lucie gave a slight but definite giggle as she continued to sniffle. “You’re right. I bet Elijah wouldn’t want me to cry…If he could see me now I bet he might even be offended,” Lucie laughed clearer this time.
After about twenty more minutes of the girls gushing about Mr. Elijah Wood, they fell asleep next to each other with distinct grins plastered on their faces, awaiting what tomorrow might bring.

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