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[24 Jul 2005|12:44am]

Title: Broken glass
Fandom: Lord of the Rings RPG
Characters: Elijah, Hannah and Debbie Wood
Rating: G
Word count: 441
Summary: A little girl binds her heart to a gift, when it breaks, it's the end of her world : )
Notes:Just a little something, because I wasn't in the mood to write something really serious for this theme. No beta, didn't have the time, all mistakes are mine (tell me if you find something) Let me know what you think please!

Over here

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forgot the link [26 Feb 2005|06:45pm]

Here's the link to my story.


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All for You...NC-17 [26 Feb 2005|06:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Title: All for You
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What happens when you get more than drunk while playing Truth or Dare with some sexy actors?

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Lucie -- Pt. 4 [19 May 2004|11:34am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Title: Lucie -- Pt. 4 "The Preparation Period"
Author: Liane a.k.a dark_blu
Rating: PG-13 for mature themes and mild language.

It was Friday, Lucie realized, as her eyes snapped open in bed. One day until her meeting with Elijah Wood. Lucie’s heart pounded furiously within her chest. Afraid that it would escape, Lucie flopped over onto her stomach and squealed in anxiousness, nervousness and delight.
Lucie decided to neglect school today as she would need the time to prepare for the meeting. She still couldn’t believe that it was happening, and happening to her. Lucie glanced at the alarm clock beside her: 7:55 a.m.
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::DaRk BlU::

x-posted to: lijs_romantics, elijah_love

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Lucie -- Pt. 3 [18 Apr 2004|04:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Lucie -- Pt. 3
Author: dark_blu a.k.a. Liane
Rating: PG 13 for intense themes, mild violence, sexual correlation and some bad language.

Annie confusedly and frantically ran and got a Sharpie pen from off the dingy kitchen counter and began scrawling the 1-800 number down her ashy leg.
“What is going on again?” a puzzled Annie asked,
“I am going to meet Elijah Wood,” Lucie said with an odd tone of airy confidence in her voice.
Annie looked at her older sister strangely. “I don’t necessarily think this obsession is healthy—“ Annie chided.
“HEALTHY. At this point in my life, who gives a fuck. I’ll probably die of AIDS or second hand smoke…at this point of my life…” Lucie trailed off.
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::DaRk BlU::

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Lucie -- Pt. 2 [01 Apr 2004|12:58am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Elijah Wood Fan Fic...
Title: Lucie, Pt. 2
Author: DaRk_BlU a.k.a. Liane
Rating: PG-13 for strong language.

Lucie lied in bed awake for hours that night after her fit, and wondered why a few blue pills should have such an influence on her entire life and how she lives it. Lucie lied and wondered why she couldn’t be like every body else, with their simple problems like, “What should I wear to prom?”
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::DaRk BlU::

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Elijah Wood Fanfiction - LUCIE PT. 1 -x-posted- [29 Mar 2004|11:57am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Name: Lucie (PT 1.)
Rating: R for explicit language and adult subject matter.
Author: dark_blu a.k.a. Liane

A girl sits at her computer in her room, alone, dutifully reading up on Elijah Wood, his works, his passions, his life and with each word read she falls a little bit more in love with him.
She never thought a boy could be so loving and so kind.
Perhaps it is because he isn’t a boy at all, yet a man.
She knows Elijah Wood through and through. She guesses she knows him well, yet has never gotten the privilege to meet him.
Never gotten the privilege to personally seek his adoring smile
Or to be penetrated by his intense, icy-blue eyes.
More than anything, the girl thought, I would love to meet him.
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::DaRk BlU::

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m'love [29 Mar 2004|10:05am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

I had a dream about Elijah Wood last night...and it was frustrating...I think I might post the original here and then for my first fan fiction build off of the dream.

Last night I dreamt that I won tickets to an award show, where Elijah Wood would be present. My friends and I were constantly scanning the crowd for him, but we never saw him! However, we all somehow knew he was there. I finally saw him from very far ahead. He was looking fabulous in an Armani suit and was walking away from us, through the crowd with some friends waving as he left through large oak double doors. My friends and I frantically scrambled to the doors but when we got there, we realized that through the door an elaborate, exclusive after party was being held. Knowing that 'Lij only stays at the after parties some 5 or odd minutes if at all, I was a rush to get in, find him and meet him...

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::DaRk BlU::

x-posted to lijs_romantics

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join plz! [22 Mar 2004|10:16am]

Name: lijs_romantics
About: Hello all ya'll hXc Elijah Fans --
This site is for you!
This community is for hardcore Elijah fans that absolutely cannot stop thinking about him, and therefore have resorted to writing intense fan letters, poems and songs for Elijah, even if they are never to be seen by him!
This community is for members to rant freely about Elijah Wood and post those fan letters, poems and songs.
Pictures are welcome, however here are the rules:

1. If posting more than one picture, please post behind an lj-cut.
2. Be creative, post often and comment even more often!
3. No bashing other Elijah fans.
4. This isn't really a Lord of the Rings community, it's more of an Elijah fan community...so you can post things referring to Elijah's character, etc, but you know, don't go Ringer on me in here! ;)
5. Fan fiction is encouraged and welcome, however put large stories behind an lj-cut and please warn of explicit content before hand! ;)


<3, ::DaRk BlU:: a.k.a. Liane


Join lijs_romantics Now! :-D

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new [11 Mar 2004|10:25am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Hey ya'll.
I'm new to this community.
I <3 Elijah with all my heart.
He is truly one of the best things that ever happened. Period.
Anyway, I am so depressed because I had tuned in to watch Jay Leno, and it was about 30 minutes before the show started...and I fell asleep!! I woke up after the show was over and Conan was on!
I was kicking myself so bad! The worst part is I forgot to hit record to tape it! When I woke up and realized what happened, I started straight out crying and couldn't go to sleep for the longest time!
Anyway, tonight for Conan I am going to be prepared with Starbucks and a video tape. Going to be wired.
I still want to see the Leno show though because I heard such great things about it! Thanks for all who posted the dancing 'Lij and all the caps. :) If anyone can find the entire show online plz tell me! I want to see it so bad!
I would post a pic but I am not on my computer so I can't. ::tear:: but next entry for sure! <33 you all! x-posted.

Elijah = sex

::DaRk BlU::

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Woah [23 Jan 2004|09:52pm]

Quiet here, anyone home?

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You're skin and bones, turn into something beautiful...*sigh* [05 Jul 2003|01:43pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Just thought I'd pop in and say a little about myself...I'm a former obsessed Eliajh Wood fan, I'm 14 & I live in Scotland. :)
I haven't actually posted an Elijah fanfic yet...I did start one in December called ' Fragmented' which I will hopefully be posting pretty soon...*fingers crossed*
In the meantime though, I have written about 3 short stories. Woo. Go me! Which I shall post here for your...amusement. I'd rate them all about PG-13...'this one's for you' contains self harm and depression. 'Sea Dreams' is quite freaky actually so I would NOT read it if you get freaked out easily.
Okay? On we go!
This one's for youCollapse )

Since I Met YouCollapse )

Sea DreamCollapse )

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New member [21 May 2003|11:10am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi all! I thought I would show you my random_fandom journal. I'll be posting role play sessions there.

The story being posted now is about Frodo's life a year after the Ring is destroyed. I'm playing Frodo in this and friends are playing Glorfindel, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and so on. I'm calling our story "Frodo after the Ring"

I would love feedback. If you like role playing, let me know. There are some parts still open.

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Getting the ball rolling [14 Feb 2003|04:25pm]

hi, I just joined...this is really my first community...So, anyway, just thought that I might get the ball rollin'...so here is a short song fic...enjoy and tell me what you think...


I am just a school girl
Living in a fantasy world
Now I'm outspoken
I walked around for a couple of years
Trying to convince myself
It was a plan I was to understand it

The rain was pouring down in sheets. Julia wrapped her coat a little more tightly around her and ducked as she ran out into the rain. This was her life. She glanced longingly back at the window, momentarily unaware of the tears soaking through her coat and drenching her skin. This was her fourth time here this week. She was beginning to like him. Perhaps, she could take him up on his offer to run away with him. No, he was like the rest, his infatuation would fade. The rain was soaking through her coat bringing her skin back into reality. This was her life. Holding them in the palm of her hand. Cradling their dirty secrets like warm liquid.

They say things to me like you're so beautiful
They spoke of other things like
How much do you charge?
You're youthful you can't hide behind that face
You're so youthful sit tight and stare

He peered out at her through the curtains. Never moving them, never wanting her to know that he was watching. Her red hair contrasting beautifully against her black jacket. The wild russet curls that he had fallen asleep to went dark and limp with the weight of the rain. She was beautiful, everything about her. No, he couldn't feel this way about her. She was nothing. Another passing woman. Another good fuck. She looked up at him. Peircing him with her iced eyes. She knew him, she could see right through him. It chilled him more than the rain did. He slipped away from the window, not wanting to be transparent anymore.

Silence stalks me pushes me through
I feel so broken
Turn the lights on a couple of times to see if you would exchange
I would not know if you turned them off

The coffee shop was a common place. A safehouse of sorts. Slowly, she slipped through the door. The warmth and noise a welcome change from the cold silent rain. Santana's 'Samba Pa Ti' played over the speakers. It was busy with morning consumers. He never saw her in the morning. Every night before they started, he left the cash on the dresser. She left before he ever got a chance to see her off. She liked it that way, no hard good-byes. Just running out into the acid rain and longing to sleep with him again. She fingered the cash, 100...400...950 for the whole night. He had given her fifty extra. They usually did in this part of the relationship. She slipped the rest into her pocket and the extra fifty into her bra. She had to keep it from Johnny, it was her earned money. She deserved it for going through this shit.

Maybe I'm allowed maybe it's in the book
Maybe I could shout down the walls
9 till 5 I hope it doesn't show
9 till 5 it's not a perfect thing

The warm water washed over him like silk. Washing away last nights sins, cleansing him. Making him able to go through the day like this. Go back to work. Go back to the fans. Keeping his dirty secret in the bedroom. He wondered how long it would take to break her down. What would become of her? Would he see her again? He wanted her to stay for a morning. He wanted to be different. Not just another customer. But still, he left the money on bedside table. Why? Why did he do it? Because he needed her. He needed to stare into the ice colored eyes, he needed to run his hands through her copper curls. To hear her voice cry out into the night. He needed her like he needed sin.

They said things to me like you're amazing
You speak of other things like
Is this going on my bill?
You're youthful you can't hide behind that face
You're so youthful sit tight and stare

She stirred the green tea in her cup and stared out at the rain. Straining her neck to look at the faces of any young men that ran through the rain. Hoping that she might see his face in the dark coats. What would she say to him? Would he even acknowledge her? No, she was another woman. Insignificant. To him. To anyone. They would slip a glance and he would go back to the man that the world knew. She would never be anything special. He would never see her for her true self. She would always just be a pretty, young thing; a good lay; another overpriced LA whore.

</i>You're Youthful
You know this time will not do
You're so youthful I own you now</i>

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First Entry! [10 Feb 2003|07:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome, all!

My name is Jenn, and I'M IN CHARGE! Whew, okay! I'm fine...just on a bit of a power trip. Anyway, this is a community for those who enjoy writing Elijah Wood fanfic, like myself. Feel free to post your own stories, talk, ask for help, ect. There are no rules, just keep it cool. Any fiction is acceptable as long as it pertains to Elijah or his past works.
There will probably be weekly challenges, so be on the lookout for those, and enjoy your stay at the lair!

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