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Lucie -- Pt. 2

Elijah Wood Fan Fic...
Title: Lucie, Pt. 2
Author: DaRk_BlU a.k.a. Liane
Rating: PG-13 for strong language.

Lucie lied in bed awake for hours that night after her fit, and wondered why a few blue pills should have such an influence on her entire life and how she lives it. Lucie lied and wondered why she couldn’t be like every body else, with their simple problems like, “What should I wear to prom?”
Then it was morning, and Lucie was on her normal daily routine. Lucie got up at 6:00 a.m., started a pot of coffee for Rob and Barb and then made breakfast for Annie. Lucie herself didn’t eat breakfast; she was always on a diet. The family came down stairs an hour later as usual with little or no conversation except for the occasional grumble about how “early” it is.
Lucie went upstairs to her bedroom to resume getting ready for the long and tedious day ahead. “Santeria” by Sublime was playing in the small boom box by her bead and Lucie sang along, “Tell sanchito that if he knows what is good for him
He best go run and hide
Daddy's got a new .45
And I won't think twice
To stick that barrel straight down sancho's throat
Believe me when I say that I got something for his punk-ass!”
She screamed the last part with a triumphant smile on her face. Somehow songs about homicide always made her feel at home. But in ways, she didn’t want to feel at home. Home was just a dangerous comfort zone. A conundrum, but true in itself.
“Damnit,” Lucie whispered as she burned her neck with the large barrel curling icon she was using. “Now I’ll have to hear, ‘What’s THAT?’ for the next two weeks. Yeah, it would be a miracle if that actually was a hicky, now wouldn’t it?” Lucie said to herself.
After Lucie was done caking on her usual cosmetics, she sprayed her Clinique Happy knockoff on and skipped down the stairs in an unusually good mood. Something deep inside her heart fluttered as if someone unseen had told her she was going to have a good day today no matter what happened.
“Bye Annie, going to run some errands. Want a ride to school?”
“Oh okay. Nah it’s alright, I think mom is going to take me…”
“…Alright then. Have a good day…”
And with that Lucie skipped out the door, luxuriant brunette curls bobbing behind her. Normally Lucie thought she looked plain and sometimes ugly, but today there was something inside her, a new confidence instilled in her that made her glow from the inside out and her radiance was not to go unnoticed. Lucy climbed into her blue Toyota Camry and started to drive to the corner market, more like a bodega than anything else. She needed to grocery shop but what was more was she needed to see familiar faces and have some social interaction with people other than the puerile students at her public high school.
Lucie parallel parked on the side of the bodega and stepped into the clean, crisp autumn air. By Lucie’s normal appearance, you would never guess what kind of horrors went on at home. She had on new knee-high boots from Steven Madden with the cutest wedge heels, a lavender scarf with corresponding sleeveless turtle neck and long black and pinstriped dress pants along with a matching jacket. She was dressed to kill but nobody important was around to notice. Lucie mainly dressed up to make herself feel better, anyhow. Lucie noted the familiar newspaper stand and purchased a chronicle of some sorts and began flipping through the pages. Normally Lucie wasn’t big on newspapers, but she figured being ignorant isn’t sexy, so she decided maybe knowing what was going on in the world would be a good conversation piece and people may even mistake her for an intellect.
As Lucie was turning to the “Time Out” section as she was leaving the bodega, arms filled with numerous bags of groceries, she tripped over what felt like someone’s leg and stumbled about, dropping the newspaper and groceries. Completely mortified, Lucie stood up and tried to regain composure all while hurriedly scooping up the strewn vegetables and newspapers.
“Here, let me help,” an all too-familiar voice offered encouragingly.
“Oh, no really, I can do it, sorry about—" Lucie was cut off as she looked up at the offering mouth. “Oh my gosh this can’t be happening,” Lucie thought to herself as her mouth dropped wide open. Her heart froze or skipped several beats and her eyes became like two large, round coins fixed on the passerby’s face. Lucie absent-mindedly stopped shoving lettuce into the brown paper bags surrounding her and sat flat on her butt, still apparently awe-struck. Her arms were behind her, supporting her upper body on her hands while one leg sat straight out and the other bent upwards, foot by the middle of her straight leg. Her pants had risen up onto her ankles revealing the rather amusing, almost sexy fishnet stockings she was wearing. She sat, chest heaving, mouth open until the passerby extended his hand.
“Hi, I’m Elijah.”
“This is too corny, too coincidental, to amazing to be real. Or is it?” Lucie thought to herself before replying to the smiling face above her.
“He—Hi—Uh, hello… I’m Lucie.” Lucie stuttered frantically as Elijah clasped her now-clammy white hand into his and pulled her to her feet.
“Sorry I tripped you; I guess we didn’t see each other.”
Still amazed and pondering the circumstances, it took Lucie awhile to reply.
“Uh…are you okay?” Elijah asked, cocking his head to one side.
“What are you DOING here?” Lucie sputtered out, the first and obvious thing that came to her mind, although not the most suave.
Elijah giggled. “Am I not allowed to be here or something?” He teased playfully.
“Oh no, I’m sorry that must have sounded terribly rude I’m such a fucking idiot—“ Lucie stammered, and then immediately thought “Oh my gosh I just cursed in front of Elijah Wood and made myself sound like a completely jackass, great!”
“It’s okay, it’s okay. Here, can I help you now? I think we are blocking the entrance to the store.”
“Oh…uh…yeah…um—“ Lucie said while scooping up the remaining food items into her arms and popping the trunk of her Camry. Lucie carelessly dumped the newspaper and groceries into the trunk and slammed it, never once taking her eyes of Elijah.
Elijah laughed again. “So…What are you doing today?”
“Oh my GOSH this is way too much. Elijah is ASKING ME what I’M DOING…TODAY!” Lucie thought. She was once again in a stupor. “ME?” She gasped, still not able to grasp reality.
“No… the girl behind you. Yeah you! Who else have I been talking to the last five minutes?”
“Oh um I’m sorry—“ Lucie fumbled again. “You’ve been waiting for this all your life, don’t fuck it up stupid,” Lucie said to herself. “Um…well…I have to do laundry.” Lucie replied and then just kicked herself, “You just told ELIJAH JORDAN WOOD THAT YOU HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY?! WAKE UP, GIRL; THIS ISN’T YOUR AVERAGE JOE HITTING ON YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK!”
“Oh well if you are too busy I understand—“
“No I’m not doing anything today; laundry can wait!” Lucie laughed nervously.
“Cool. Did you wanna go talk or something?”
Elijah Wood wants to go TALK…with ME…a girl he doesn’t know yet just met under bizarre circumstances…this is just like a movie…
“Oh um yeah SURE! Elijah I love you I’m your biggest fan!” Lucie blurted out without thinking. Oh my gosh I am the stupidest creature alive I hate myself I hate myself why did I just SAY that…
“Haha…shh, don’t say it too loud. I don’t think many people around here recognize me…yet. But thank you! Now how about we go somewhere to talk?”
“Elijah, but—why me? Why now? Why are you here?” Okay stupid ass, stop treating him like he is an alien coming to take over D.C…
“Shh,” Elijah whispered, his bright blue eyes twinkling as he put his hand upon Lucie’s cheek. “You’re beautiful.”
Just then Elijah leaned in to kiss Lucie.
Right before Elijah and Lucie’s lips met, a terribly tragedy occurred.
Lucie’s eyes snapped open to the sound of her cell phone alarm clock.
“Of course. This is my life. This is how things are. I can’t even DREAM about him, now…” Lucie thought dully as a lone tear ran down her cheek. “It’s too damn early to cry,” Lucie scolded herself. “I’m too strong to cry over a lost love…or rather, a love that cannot be lost…because he’ll never be found,” Lucie chided.
Just then Annie opened the door and walked into Lucie’s room, inviting herself to lie on her sister’s bed.
“You are up kind of late, don’t you think?” Annie asked, fully dressed, makeup-ed and ready to go to school.
“Holy SHIT Annie why didn’t you wake me up?!” Lucie frantically grabbed her cell phone and checked the time. “Of course it would be wrong. This is my life. This is the way things go for me.” Lucie’s clock was off completely as she realized with disgust that she had to be at school in less than five minutes.
“Sorry, it just looked like you were resting so peacefully for once, I didn’t want to wake you up,” Annie shrugged.
“Well NEXT TIME, Annie, feel free to SLAP THE HELL OUT OF ME in order to wake me up if necessary, OKAY?!” Lucie said, still apparently flustered.
“Okay, Luce. Well, I need to go to school. You probably should get a move on, too, don’t you have a chem test today?”
“Oh SHIT!” Lucie screamed.
“Shit…it is becoming the most versatile word in this household,” Annie commented as she smoothly sailed out of her sister’s room and down the stairs.
Lucie sprang out of bed like a spring popped out of her spinal cord and looked at herself in her ballerina mirror. She looked away, and then looked back. Same old Luce. The same thick, rich chocolate brown hair that never seemed kept, same tired green eyes that always looked sad, same sallow complexion begging for more hydration, sleep and a little less stress. “No time for makeup today,” Lucie grumbled as she pulled on a sweatshirt and some jeans. After Lucie did the essentials for getting ready for school, she hopped in her blue Camry and sped off into the crisp morning air.
First period, Chemistry. “You must be fucking kidding me,” Lucie said, her now infamous line that described everything in her life. She took the test earlier in the period and the graded tests were already being handed back. Lucie’s chem teacher, Professor Walker, paced up and down the rows of desks with a sign of evident pity on his face.
“Congratulations, class. And a special congratulations to a Ms. Lucie Verone, who scored the highest grade in the class.”
To this news, Lucie’s eyebrows raised with anticipation. Professor Walker seized Lucie’s test from the teacher’s aid and slammed it down on her desk with a menacing thump. Lucie turned it over to see what she had gotten: a D+.
“A D+ Professor? Now surely—“
When hearing the grade, the entire class murmured with opinions and annoyances, some with bitter tones of defeat and worry in their voices.
“YES, a D+. All of your tests were intolerable!” Walker exclaimed. “I would be surprised if any one of you could even write out a correct equation!” More moans from the class erupted. “I suggest you all get tutoring, and FAST, you know mid terms are just around the corner!” With that last line the bell rang and off all the students were to more tedious classes with even more tedious teachers.
Lucie’s day was boring and drawn out as usual and was pretty much an average day except for first period, which was exceptionally devastating. After the school day ended, Lucie drove home and plopped herself on her bed, wrapping the comforter around herself until she looked like some kind of cocoon and sighed a deep, exhausted sigh as she flipped on the TV.
Lucie began flipping channels until a particular advertisement caught her eye.
“Do you have a friend or relative that is completely enamored with a celebrity and you want to take them on our show to finally meet their fandom? Then call this number—“
“ANNIE!” Lucie screamed. Annie came running into Lucie’s room, breathless.
“WHAT?” Annie said, exasperated.
“Get this number down! You have to call and nominate me to meet Elijah Wood!”

::DaRk BlU::
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