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I had a dream about Elijah Wood last night...and it was frustrating...I think I might post the original here and then for my first fan fiction build off of the dream.

Last night I dreamt that I won tickets to an award show, where Elijah Wood would be present. My friends and I were constantly scanning the crowd for him, but we never saw him! However, we all somehow knew he was there. I finally saw him from very far ahead. He was looking fabulous in an Armani suit and was walking away from us, through the crowd with some friends waving as he left through large oak double doors. My friends and I frantically scrambled to the doors but when we got there, we realized that through the door an elaborate, exclusive after party was being held. Knowing that 'Lij only stays at the after parties some 5 or odd minutes if at all, I was a rush to get in, find him and meet him...

Through the doors there was a gate that automatically shut closed in front of anyone who wasn't invited. We followed really close to a random celeb who went through the doors, and my friend Kels pulled me in through the gate just in time before the gate closed sharply down. We scampered and scrounged through the restaurant area, looking at all the socialites, celebrities and jet-setters sipping martinis and laughing at mechanical jokes. We covered the entire area of the after party, and still no sight of 'Lij. It was too late...he had already gone, and I didn't even get to say goodbye! Wait -- I didn't even get to say HI. :'( I sat at the bar, looking through the door he possibly exited through, and cried until my friends and I were discovered by security and escorted out of the party.
Yes that was a real dream! haha I had it last night.

::DaRk BlU::

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